Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is in Trouble? is featured as the homepage of many computers by default (I believe it is the Internet explorer 8 default homepage). This default homepage status drives many to, however, is not worth being driven to.

No personal offence to anyone who works there but a better default homepage should be on the agenda for IE 9. I wouldn't be surporised if hurts IE 9. I bet some users may prefer different browsers out of the box because their home pages gets them to where they want to go faster, and right now I'd have a hard time believing many people get on the internet and open their broswer with the desire to get to and their mostly, pardon my french, shitty topical coverage quickly. needs to evaluate their value proposition. Their traffic is trending down and has been for quitesome time, and with idiotic articles covering esoteric points of view and interest, combined with slow loading times leaves a lot to be desired.

If they want to keep their traffic they need get faster (alexa suggest that 69% of websites load faster, I'd believe it), utilize advanced searches and search interfaces, and perhaps bury the "news" a bit. The page is honestly filled with so much junk that is unnecessary and unhelpful that its almost painful to visit. With Internet explorer not growing as fast as other browsers I think it will be a very difficult proposition for to keep its current status, and without new quality control, it will be hard to remain relevant.

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Post

This is Clifford Mark, this is the first post of the new blog. Please feel free to get in touch through the comments or drop me an email.