Thursday, July 28, 2011

Regarding Lased X-Rays Emitted by Blackholes: Have they ripped through the fourth dimension?

I first heard of the discovery of the same lased X-rays hitting the earth on different sides of the planet simultaneously in college undergraduate physics.  These X-Rays were thought to be so poweful, and hitting the earth from so far away that it challenged our modern rules of physics in terms of the energy required to generate them.  The thought was that the distance required for these beams to hit both sides of the earth would violate our rules of physics.  I propose that it would only violate the laws of physics along the fourth dimension. 

I believe in the 1990's a scientist came up with the idea that these x-rays were "lased" or coherent which would allow these laser to fall within our current rules of physics including the speed of light within the third and fourth dimension. 

Recently though as I was driving through dense fog I saw a bolt of lightning literally rip through the three dimensional fog and it made me realize that these lased x-rays may infact be so powerful that have ripped through the third and fourth dimensions.  If you think about the ability for the same beam to hit both sides of the earth simultaneously, this hypothesis makes sense, that these beams are no longer limited to traveling along the third and fourth dimensions.  Instead of being generated from vast enough distances to be able to be bent to hit both sides of the earth another real possibility is that these beams are measurable in our dimension but have reached such a great energy/time that these beams are no longer confined by our third and fourth dimensions. 

After further reasoning, I came to the conclusion that like electron states, our dimensions are likely to be quantum, not continuous, and that a great enough energy should be able to rip through the current dimension and allow the energy beam to begin to travel through dimensions where distance, time, and space are not as we perceive and are not limited to the speed of light. 

I would imagine that the energy sufficent to exceed the speed of light is sufficent to take the particle or energy to the next quantum dimension.  The phenomenon of time and space dialiation as we approach and obtain the speed of light would be supportive of my hypothesis.  Another way to thing of it is that at speeds greater than C, the time and space dialiation would make things similar to "wormholes" that are higher dimensional phenomenon caused by the need to have each dimension purpendicular to every previous dimension.   Another way I think about the dimensions is that each subsequent dimension has an unlimited amount of the prior dimensions.  The fourth dimension is unlimited third dimensional spaces, the fifth dimension would be unlimited number of "times" or fourth dimensions, the sixth dimension includes an unlimited amount of the fifth dimensions, or an unlimited unlimited amount of times, which is in my opinion an unlimited amount of potentiality.  This heuristic works for higher and lower dimensions. 

By being able to travel through higher dimensional fields the prior constraints of the speed of light, distance, and time, are all eliminated.  These lased x-rays hitting both sides of the earth at once, may infact be passing through the earth, and we're only able to detect slices of the beam as we detect gravity. 

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