Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers and Reaction to Sandy Hook, Fairfeild County CT School Shooting

First of all my deepest prayers and heartfelt condolences for the victims of this evil act of terror, there are good people in the world who hold you in pure heartfelt ἀγάπη

I used the word evil because its more than mental illness at some point when you aim a gun at kindergarten kids, arguably at their most magical part of their life and most magical part of the year, its beyond sick, its demonic and evil.

Before we debate gun control, we need to take a hard look at our society that incubated recent terrorism.  Its time to recognize some people are not positive, they are negative -- they want to destroy things.  Perhaps instead of incarcerating people in a reactive fashion we should consider proactive measures that conform with the bill of rights.  Perhaps as a society we need to do better to identify people who are not satisfied and provide help and assistance to see if they can become for lack of a better term a positive influence; in practice the opposite of the Fairfield County shooter, purportedly a Mr. Lanza, in his 20s.

I think as a society we have to shed the labels of the old world while distilling their core meanings.  There are some people who do not want good things to happen, not in the name of competition but by their nature they desire destruction.  I also think there are influences and people who want a better America, a better world, and we should help these people succeed in their dreams, proactively and legally eliminating resistance from people who want to destroy positive progress, positivity, love.  The world is amazing these people want to make it horrendous.  We should identify things that aren't amazing in our world and try to change it for the better.   

This shooting is a statement, and the underlying statement (the shooter may have been too limited in mental capacity to identify or articulate) is fuck you to everything good we hold dear as humans.  I am not OK with that. I'm not sure gun control will stop one of these negative people from buying a truck and loading it with bombs, or identifying the next point of pain.  So it should only be part of the solution. 

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