Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If String Theory is Right, our World View is Wrong

For the last 200 years or so the prevalent pragmatic theory presided casting aside mysticism, magic, and inductive logic.  However, inductive logic works if string theory is real and that's not the only thing. 

Just starting with the premise of needing 26 "critical" spacetime dimensions and perhaps no cap.  We are not only posed with the physical ramifications of this theory but also the philosophical.  Perhaps no time in history have we needed real philosophers (not the new versions who debate the whiteness of the crossing guy, but the theoretical physicists and mathematicians of yore in the model of Plato, Descartes, Aristotle, and Locke).

Since there seems to be a lack of these philosophers with a math and physics background to discuss the implications of 26 dimensions I'll take a stab at starting the conversation in this posts and others.

So I think the first thing we have to establish is that each additional dimension provides a space for infinite of the previous dimension.  Lines have infinite dots, planes have infinite lines, 3D has infinite planes, time has infinite 3D spaces, the fifth dimension has infinite timelines, the sixth dimension has infinite infinite timelines.  We can take this out to 26 dimensions. 

What we find when we really consider the implications goes beyond a galaxy where anything happens, a place where we are part of the creation process, a place where we jump from different timelines in what we perceive as free will.

It also means that the things we create may have interesting spill over into different dimensions.  Beyond just parallel universe phenomenon which would occur in the infinite timeline scenario of the 5 dimension.  I think we could even extrapolate some sort of ontological reality for abstract thoughts.  This is similar to Platonic Forms, discussed thousands of years ago.

It also suggests along with the finding of gravitational waves, that the big bang may have been an expansion of dimensions with gravitational waves constant throughout since it was expanded from an initially space compressed dimension.

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